3 Amazing Free Apps For iPhone and iPod

by prateek on September 28, 2009

Here we introduce three applications for iPhone and iPod users. These applications are taken from iTunesApp Store. These application are available for download for free. The applications are Sirius XM, Vlingo and Travel Diary. These application gives provides new features and fulfill different needs of a user.

Sirius XM

This application lets you listen exclusive music over the internet with dedicated artists channels. It lets you listen to the live performances youA?a??a??re your favourite artist and it provides a store to the music covering ever genre to your device. If you are a Sirius or XM subscriber, then you can stream music to your iPhone and iPod free of cost with your Premium Sirius Internet Radio or Premium XM Radio Online subscription.


To listen to your favorite music you can simply type your your Premium Online Username and Password into the application. So what are you waiting for Download Sirius XM.


This application lets an iPhone user dial his/her contacts by using speech-recognition technology. Not only this it also uses the same technology to search the Web, look up numbers and maps for local listings, and send status updates for Facebook and Twitter. This prevents a user to memorize a list of commands as the application captures the results word for word.


Vlingo currently offers the following benefits:

  • It initiates calls to anyone in one’s address book.
  • It searchs for anything through Yahoo! or Google.
  • It looks up and map local listings.
  • It updates one’s Facebook and Twitter status updates without typing.

Download Vlingo

Travel Diary

This application lets you A?A?to take a picture and save it immediately with details including location, the time it was taken and even comments. Instead of using the iPhone’s camera application, you can simply fire up Travel Diary and take your pictures. The applictions also allows you to browse through your pictures either from an interactive list or in full-screen mode. The application is not supported on the iPod touch.


Download Travel Diary

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