Aldico ebook Reader For Android Mobiles

by gaurav on October 4, 2009

Aldico is an ebook reader application for android mobiles .It hasA?A? download ebook feature using whichyou can download ebook directly to your mobile .You can browse up required ebook using Aldico’s online book catalog and get it ,completely free of cost.

Aldico itself comes with some pre-loaded e-books .You can also search the ebook from feedbooks site directly using the application .The application itself has awesome interface and navigations.It has has a night mode to enable you read the content in dark as clear as in daylight.You can select the font and background colour for more clearity.By default background is black and text colour is white in night mode .


brightness for text in night mode

The new feature of Aldico in comparison to other ebook readers is the ability for download.Now downloading is also very simple using application .You have go to online catlog menu,then search for ebook as per authoror bookA?A? name in public domain category.The application shows thumbnail ofA?A? books and a brief description which comes in very handy.You can also import ebooks from your mobile’s SD card.

online catalog

import books

Aldico has well definedA?A? navigation to different pages which are also customizable.It has content to to display chapters defined in the book,bookmarks feature an a progress report for each individual ebook.The progress report displays the section you are in and a progress bar showing percentage ofA?A? overall progress and of current chapter of the book.

But its feature does not end here .It has each and every set of settings you could think of including fonts ,line spacing ,margins ,page turn speed and many more.It makes reading a completely an enjoyable task.

progress report


The limitation to the application is that it can read only ‘epub’ format files .Secondy the bookmark feature is manual ,every time you have close the book you have to yourself put a bookmark,if you just close it wihout bookmark in a hurry,the book will open from the start.

These are minor issues suppose to be sorted out in later editions of the application.For android mobile users having craze for ebooks reading ,it’s a must have application.

To download it use link:-Download Aldico ebook reaader

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