AT&T Allows VoIP On Its Mobile Network

by prateek on November 9, 2009

Recently AT&T officially announced that they will allow VoIP applications to operate on their mobile network. This new brings joy to all the mobile phone user who use 3G enabled mobile phones. This means that now 3G and EDGE mobile network users will be able to use Skype and other VoIP applications on their mobile phones. This will enable VoIP applications to run successfully on iPhone.

Before this VoIP was not allowed on the mobile network, the only solution to this problem was Wi-Fi. Previously VoIP applications on iPhone were enabled for Wi-Fi connectivity.AT&T has also offered a variety of other wireless applications that enable VoIP application on on 3G, 2G and Wi-Fi networks.

AT&T has not confirmed any thing about the Google Voice use but it has covered traditional VoIP services. This is mainly because Google Voice is not cent percent VoIP like service. It allows customers to download and even launch on their wireless device many applications any where from any legal website. Moreover, as AT&T uses GSM technology, it supports its customers using and GSM phone that work on their frequencies.

Now if AT&T can get more bandwidth in iPhone-rich cities such as San Fransisco, CA so a few hundred people in one specific area using iPhones don’t bring the service down to it’s knees, it would be awesome!

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