Checkers Game for Nokia phones

by puneet on October 25, 2009


Now a good news for all the classic Checkers lovers!!!!


Play Checkers on the go on your Nokia mobile phones & that too for free!!!! Thanks to Moubail which has designed this widget based game. Specifically built for the handsome Nokia 5800 Xpress Music Phone & Nokia N97, it is also supported by Nokia 5530 & Samsung i8910 Omnia HD.


It’s a very simple game which has built solely on HTML, CSS & JavaScript. The game can be played against your phone in both horizontal & portrait mode on a very user friendly interface.

User Interface

The user interface consist of a nice brown Checkers board on a wooden table(the  background). The pieces are in Reds & Whites which when selected get highlighted in Blue. All this giving a feel of a real board.

Rules of Play

Playing is no big deal even if playing for the first time. Help info shows up automatically     before /after every move. For those who are total strangers to the game, there is a well documented help section in the bottom left corner( the ‘i’).

The main objective of the game is to capture all of the opponents pieces or block all the opponent’s pieces leaving no room for the opponent to move. Pieces can be moved only one forward step at a time but after reaching the end row, you can move in any direction.


Just transfer the game from your pc via bluetooth/ USB Data Cable/ e-mail attachment or simply download & install it from your phone’s Internet Browser


You can get your copy of the game from the official website for free. Click here

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