Connect 4 Game For Symbian S60 5th Edition Mobiles

by gaurav on September 21, 2009

The world famous game named ‘Connect4 ‘ is now available for free for Symbian S60 5th edition mobiles.It is two player board game in which the player that first places 4 pieces of his disc in continuation  in strait line  either horizontally ,vetically of diagonally wins the game(hence connect 4).

The game is played on a board with 7 columns and 6 rows placed vertically i.e you cannot fill in spot  unless and untill the space below it is filled .Each player has 21 discs each distinguished by colour.A discs  dropped in a particular column occupies the lowermost unoccupied cell.

Each played places their discs alternatively in turn and one at a time.The first one to Place 4 discs consecutively in line wins the game. The game  is draw if none of the player is able to able to make their 4 long connection before te board fills completely.


Earlier the game was available for only windows based mobile.But now its available for your Symbian S60 OS mobile.The current version of the game is available in 240 x 320 resolution.It is also available in higher screen resolution ,but even then it will  utilize  only 240 x 320 portion of the screen.Current version for S60 offers saving/loading and 3 different difficulty levels wth computer as the opponent.The highest difficuly level ‘Experienced mode ‘ provides a good competion to players with average playing strength.

The game is really good both for timepass and checking creativity and flexibility of mind,

For symbian os mobiles it can be downloaded from this link:

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