Create Diagrams, Flow Charts On Android Mobile Phone

by rohan on January 17, 2011

Diagrams are a really important part of a presentation. With help of flow charts and tree charts a person can easily understand a lot of things with a single glance that otherwise could have taken a lot of time when tried to put in a paragraph format. Charts are really useful when you need to display some information that has to be logical and in connection to each other that is charts are extensively used in all types of environments may it be a top level businessman explaining things to his colleagues or a football coach trying to train his team, charts are applicable to many places.

So in today’s world mobile phones are used to create presentations and a lot more so how if we give you and application that enables you to add charts and diagrams on your android phone. Well this application known as the Smart Diagram Lite enables you to organize your ideas into simple and easily understandable diagrams like flow charts, Mind Map and tree charts.


Here are all the features of this application that can help you out in making your presentation look good :

  • Create shape with gestures
  • Drag and drop delete items
  • Manually shape movement
  • Multi touch zooming
  • Easy diagram sharing via email
  • Export to jpg, png, xml file formats
  • Multi language support

The free version will be limited to five diagrams and I think that is enough for you to understand the concept of this application. Paid version removes the diagram limit and the ads. Also more configurations will be added in the pro version.

The latest version 1.02 has just been released with the following changes :

  • Fixed force close bugs in Samsung galaxy s
  • Welcome text is more clear
  • Rubbish bin has been enlarged
  • Pro version has been enabled.

I hope that with this application you will be able to add more variety to your presentations that you create on your android phone. This application will take the capabilities of your android phone to next level in corporate terms.

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