Digital Dictation App For BlackBerry

by prateek on May 23, 2010

A complete digital dictation system for BlackBerry called A?a??A?SpeakWriteA?a??A? is now available for BlackBerry users. SpeakWrite allows you to convert your phone into a digital office with our US based transcriptionists. The SpeakWrite is already available for iPhone.

SpeakWrite features are summarized below:

A?a??A? Record A?a??a?? It allows you to record any length audio, store it on your phone or send it as an e-mail.
A?a??A? Record telephone calls A?a??a?? It allows you to place a telephone call from your BlackBerry to any number, record that conversation and receive a complete written transcript of the call.
A?a??A? Dictate and Photos A?a??a?? It allows you to take photos with your BlackBerry and integrate those into your dictation.
A?a??A? Transcribe A?a??a?? It allows you to turn your BlackBerry into a digital office with the help of our US based transcriptionists.

SpeakWrite is free to download application. You have to pay only for the work transcribed and nothing else.

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