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by prateek on October 28, 2009

Nokia has now introduced its Ovi Suite which is to be be called PC Suite. Before this we already had Share on Ovi and Files on Ovi and now this application is making Ovi all HOT. This new Ovi Suite for PC is just 1.5 MB package and a similar setup to the Nseries PC Suite is also available. This 1.5 MB package is actually a small webframe that will download the larger component files later.

The application runs fine on Windows XP and Vista but Mac and Linux users may get disheartened. PC Suite has the ability to sync your device with Microsoft Outlook, transfer files, and install applications is there, along with the horrendous Nokia Music Manager application.


Ovi Suite is a comeplete desktop solution from Nokia. It has very similar look to the web-based Ovi page, with the various icons along the top left, and your information in the top right. The icons along the top allow you to access the various functions, such as Nokia Photos, Map Loader etc.


The application allowa you to upload files directly to your Share on Ovi account, and there is an easy signin box that allows you to connect your Share on Ovi account, or create a new one. It also has middle box in the top right which is a drag-drop-n-upload area that allows you to quickly upload to Share on Ovi.

Download Nokia Ovi Suite

View Demos which help you to understand the download

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