Download Handset Manger for Google Android Phones

by prateek on September 13, 2009

After Droid Explorer which was used to manage Google Android based phones for Windows, now we have a new and more useful tool called Handset Manager. Handset Manager for Google Android phones is the first PC Sync tool in the Android market.

Handset Manager allow user to edit/backup your contacts on PC. With this you can also sync your contacts and calendar between Outlook and your Android phone. It lets you edit SMS on PC and send it directly via your Android phone. It also assists in transfer of files between PC and your Android phone.

With Handset manager you can Sync your contact and calendar between Outlook and your Android phone. The downloadable file of Handset manager for its installation is of 17MB. So to download it click HERE. For assistance in downloading and installing we have a installation guide. To download the installation guide click HERE.

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