Download Sms Pop-up Application For Android Phone

by gaurav on September 22, 2009

SMS pop-up is the android phone application getting importance now ys.The application brings a pop-up dialog -box containing the message to your attention whenever you recieve a new SMS/MMS  message.The pop-up stays at the middle of the screen with direct option for forwarding  and replying.


With the latest version of sms pop-up Vo.95 you can directly remove the notification icon at the top of your android mobile by marking the message as read.It free’s you from opening all the unread messages from inbox to remove the icon.

The smspop-up is very flexible software and can be costomized as per the needs with a lot of  facilities like u can choose to add photo of the sender in the pop-up.You can view message directly and mark it as read altogether when u press the close button.The application can also be costomized to wake up the phone for a determined time interval for every incoming message,so u can see them when your screen is off.




You can also set the colour of the light that blinks and different vibration alert that makes it very comfortable for the user to know whether the incoming message is  text or  mms messages.It comes with some handy features like it consumes very less installation space ,it even works fine with Chomp sms and the most useful of all it does not hang up and  show force closig message.

The SMS popup application for sure enhances  messaging capabilties and can be downloaded free of cost from the link:  Download Sms pop up for android phone

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