Flycast Internet Radio 2.0 For SmartPhones

by gaurav on September 29, 2009

Flycast released its new internet radio version 2.0 applicationA?A? for smartphones.Its a freeware application that providesA?A? free internet radio ,stations directly to your smartphone.It makes possible to listen and watch overA?A? 1500 internetA?A? channels along with terrestrial radio and podcast.

The flycast application is completely free and compatible for nearly all the smartphones like Blackberry(storm,bold,curve,tour),iphone(both 2G and 3G),ipod-touch and android mobile(T-mobile G1).The application enables you to listen to your favorite music station anytime anyplace,all you nedd to have is mobile internet radio.Moreover you can even use Flycast for your Desktop as well.

It application is very easy to useA?A? and provides a wide range of over 1500 international internet and terrestrial broadcasts.All the stations areA?A? well categorized according to genres ,sports channel,news channel,talk radio,top stations weather broadcast and etc . Select the channel you want to listen and just click on it to start .


The application’sA?A? interface is ver user friendy.It lets you search for the required staion with a keyword,artist name or by searching stoutcast stations.The search is good and returns provides an ample list.You can save your favorite stations and listen to them with just a click.

Like interface the playback is alo very flexible and smooth.The application buffers large amount of stream to provide continous playback with less interruptions even in period of network disconnection .You can also opt to turn of f’battery conserving’A?A? ad enble Quickplay(Extended Bufferering) toA?A? smoothen the playback.You can even pause on all station s and skip songs on certain stations



The application has many costimizable settings .To save battery you can make you phone to pre-buffer minutes of music and ocasionally using net to grab more.A?A? you can also disable the ‘Quickplay’ feature.The application can made toA?A? run in background to make you work on other applications simultaneosly while listening to your station .It also has an inbuild web browser.

The new version 2.0 of flycast has a new paid feature of cache.With the feature you cache hoursA?A? of your favorite channels,which makes possible to listen to theA?A? station even when you are not connected to the net or not currently using it.

The application crashes sometimes and also disconnects with the internet for few seconds .But overall the application is quite good .It can be downloaded free from the link:Download Flycast

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