Free Application Verifier Tool for Windows Mobile 5.0

by gurpreet on July 30, 2009


You must have encountered several instances when you have downloaded an application for our mobile device but they just don’t work and the most common reason that the applications do not work is that there is some sort of bug or error in the code that must have went unnoticed at the time of compilation. Here is a tool which you can download and use to check the stability of any windows mobile application before installing it in your phone.

How this application works is quite simple. You need to download the application, the link to which is given at the end of the post and install it in your computer. Once installed you can use this tool to detect and pinpoint memory leaks, handle leaks, and leaks in graphics device interface objects. Moreover, you can also use Application Verifier Tool for Windows Mobile 5.0 to detect several forms of heap corruption.

The tool runs a series of test to verify the integrity of any application and these tests are called shims. These shims are then simulated to obtain the results which are then analyzed in contrast with the ideal results. If found to be same or the results fall in close proximity with the expected values, the application is declared tested positive and if its vice versa, you are pointed to the location of the code where there is some error. If you have that much knowledge, you can modify the code and test it again for errors.

Overall, Application Verifier Tool for Windows Mobile 5.0 is not an application for a common user but it is best suited to the pros who have some prior knowledge of mobile application programming.

Download Application Verifier Tool for Windows Mobile 5.0

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