Free Widget To Turn on or off Wi-Fi toggle on Google Android Phone

by prateek on August 13, 2009

Today technology is growing at such a large pace and to communicate with other we need a means of communication. Making a real or a virtual connection between the communicating devices makes this communication possible. This connectivity has now been upgraded for mobile phones also. Today we have so many toggle applications for you on mobile phones for connecting devices.

Now you can turn on or off a Wi-Fi connection of your mobile phone through a Wi-Fi toggle at any given time. Similarly, a Bluetooth toggle will let you do the same for your Bluetooth connection. Moreover, all this on or off procedure can be done by a simple click.

Here I will be telling you how to turn on or off your toggle Wi-Fi on your phone. To turn on your WiFi on your Windows Smartphone you have to go through a bunch of screens. This turning on or off WiFi can be done done with just on tap on the final window screen. Here are the steps that you need to follow to turn on or off your Wi-Fi on your Android phone:

  1. First, select the market from your menu..img01
  2. Then, select search.img02
  3. Now type Wi-Fi toggle and tap the search button.img03
  4. Now select the Wi-Fi toggle Widget.img04
  5. Now select the button Install.img05
  6. Go through the access permission and then click the ok button.img06
  7. After installing it, add it to your home screen.img07
  8. If your Wi-Fi is currently disabled, then a similar icon will appear as it does in the screenshot below.img08
  9. To turn on the Wi-Fi tap on the Wi-Fi Widget. The icon will change to reflect the change in the status. Next you will find the Wi-Fi indicator on the top menu bar.img09
  10. To turn it off, click this Widget button again.


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