Get Cycorder Recorded Videos In iPhone Camera Roll

by prateek on September 16, 2009

If you are an iPhone 2G/3G user then you must have Cycorder. This application for iPhone enbles itA?a??a??s camera with video recording capability. This application is far better than the iPhone Video Recorder which costs $19.95.

This freeware application is made for jailbroken iPhone and iPhone 3G users and it works well with iPhone firmware 2.x. The application uses the MPEG compression which is the same compression technique used in a majority of digital cameras. This makes it much better than iPhone Video Recorder.

Here we will be giving you the steps for how to enable your iPhone for editing videos:

1. First of all install Cycorder, SBSettings and MobileTerminal on your jailbroken iPhone
2. Then connect to your iPhone via SSH using Winscp for Windows or Cyberduck for Mac.
3. Once you are connected, navigate to /private/var/tmp directory on your iPhone.
4. The you need to download for iPhone, extract the folder and then Copy it to /private/var/tmp directory on your iPhone.

5. After this launch A?a??A?MobileTerminalA?a??A? on your iPhone and run the following commands

su root
bash /private/var/tmp/VideoToggle/install

6. Once you are done with this, swipe the status bar on the top of screen to launch SBSettings by swiping on the status bar on the top and tap on VideoEdit to enable it


7. After this go to your Camera Roll in Photos app. Now you should be able to access your Cycorder videos in Camera Roll, edit them and upload the video to Youtube directly.


Make sure your video editing is disabled so that you can use your phone camera normally. But it is expected that this anomaly can be fixed when the official version of the Cycorder is released. You can get the Cycorder directly from this site.

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