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by gaurav on October 3, 2009

Today most of the Iphone applications or their premium versions are paid which deficits a large portion users from getting these cool stuff and required upgraded applications.The solution to the problem is Fuelmyapp site that lets download required application for free in exchange of a review for that application.

The site is completely legal and lets you to download full authorized versions of the application for free.In order to do so you have to visit the site ,sign up a free registration ,search for the required software among the real time updated list of application(which even has new releases)and review the application in the itune store.

The site works on the principle of barter system of give and take.It serves as connection between the application developers and iphone users.The iphone users get the application for free in exchange for their review and its vice-versa for app developers.


The site is a boon for application developers as they can upload their aplication on the site itself and certify their application for limited number of reviews .The developer gets to know the inial reviews abiut his work and based on it he/she can make alter up the application and to set the price tag.And moreover he gets this at a neighligible of cost of few free downloads.

The reviews are the key factors which everyone users take into account before paying for application to know ,if it is really worth it or not.Reviews are expected to hike up the sales of the application and hence increase in profits.The site also promises to take a look at users who give any crap review for free application and developers form taking reviews from only people  who only give positive review promote the application.

The website interface is really simple and lets to know and download paid iphone app for get the new stuff so as to get most out of your iphone for free visit the link:-

Paid iphone application for free

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