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by prateek on August 18, 2009

To monitor a web site’s traffic and performance we have a very useful tool called Google Analytics. This application can monitor traffic of a web site and even allow you to set goals.Analytics application for iPhone provides you instant mobile access to Google analytics. This application will give you all of your reports and data on iPhone and iPod touch. This can be achieved by anywhere and anytime. Analytics application provides easy access to data and reports than your browser.

This Analytics application has an easy to use interface. This makes it easier than using a browser on your computer and accesses your stats, records etc. This application does not waste your precious time and can make any spare moment a productive one.
There are many features of this application some of them are summarized as bellow:

• It provides a quick overview of reports.
• It also provides more detailed reports for deeper analysis.
• It supports multiple accounts for multiple sites. It also allows you to change your login name and password anytime.
• You can also change data range, chart granularity by day/week/month.
• It also provides customs goals and reports.

This application provides over 40 different kinds of reports. These include overview reports, visitors report, traffic reports, content reports, event tracking reports, and customer reports. These reports include many sub reports such as:report-full-list1

Overview Reports
• Today (Dashboard report of Today)
• Dashboard
• Visitors Overview
• Traffic Overview
• Content Overview
• Event Tracking Overview
• Goals Overview

Visitors Reports
• Visitor Loyalty
• Visitor Recency
• Length of Visit
• Depth of Visit
• Browsers and OS
• Languages

Content Reports
• Top Content
• Content by Title
• Top Landing Pages
• Top Exit Pages

To download it click here.

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