Google Enabled Push Email for iPhone ,iPod-touch and Windows Mobile.

by gaurav on September 24, 2009

Google has launched push email feature for its google account for ipphone,ipod touch(os version 3.0) and windows mobiles.Untill now there was only paid for Mobileme was the only push email  application  available for iphone,but now we have a choice.Its cheaper than other push application and has new features.

Its a small application(0.3 MB approx) costing 99 cents but big on feature.Its an advancement of google sync application for mobile.Google sync application only  that had push calender and contact services for mobile using having google account.The application provides you features of G Sync as well as the ability to push emails from your account directly from server to your mobile rather than pulling a list of email messages.Its better than fetching of emails as push e-mail is preferred over ‘pulled’ mail  for real time updates.

google-sync mobile


G push alerts for every new incoming mail with a red icon badge in an alert window with the sender’s name and subject of the mail .The alert settings can be easily costumized from Notification settings.The application asks for log in details and uses your inbound mail service.If you are a google sync user,then just inable push mail to activate the push service.


There are certain points to be taken care of before using the application.Firstly make a backup of your phone data before installing the application because installing a new exchange activesync leads to overlapping of prevoius data fetched from your account.for better understanding follow the steps mentioned below.


For iphone users application has just a small problem that ,if  u switch rapidly inbetween wi-fi and 3g ,then the G push will create a queqe for incoming mails inbetween the transition time but will show notification only for of the latest mail.But the situation is really uncommon and can be neglected.

A drawback of Gpush application is that  it is microsoft exchange based ,so you won’t be able to use Gpush application for personal google account if you are already tied to an exchange server.Its a highly resource intence and fast application so in turn it consumes a lot of power reducing battery life.

Pushmail application in turn is costlier (5 $ approx) and requires more setup space and care as all mails have to directed to ‘’ for pushing first from you inbound gmail account.

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