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by gurpreet on November 3, 2008


It may happen that you don’t want others to see your contacts or it may be that you want some of your special contacts to hide from other people who use your phone. Hidden Contacts can also ensure that the numbers you have protected does not appear in any other place in the phone, it won’t even appear in the log. So if you are looking for any such kind of software then Hidden Contacts mobile application is made just to your meet requirements.

Key features of Hidden Contacts are:
1. You can hide/unhide any contact from your phone book and to access the hidden contact you have to enter the unlock lock which ensure privacy and security.
2. You can also enable the feature of automatically deleting the information about that number from the call log and the log will not have the number appearing in the list.
3. With Hidden Contacts application you can unlock the messages and mms in your phone so that no one else can see your private content and to unlock the messages you need to enter a password.
4. A very good feature is that without the password no one can install any other application or delete any application from the phone which provides security against the fact that Hidden Contacts is not installed by any other person.
5. You can also change the password and be very careful that the password of Hidden Contacts remains same even if you uninstall the application.
6. The default password however is 1234 but you will be asked to change the password on the first install

The trail version of Hidden Contacts is available for free but you need to spend some money to get some privacy. So try it and decide if it’s worth spending $14.50.
Download Hidden Contacts
Supported phones: any of Symbian s60 3th edition phone.

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