Idea free gprs trick – use free grps with idea gprs hack

by gurpreet on October 9, 2008


1. The first thing you need to do is activate the zero rental plan the details to which you can easily get from customer. I being a prepaid customer will tell you the details, for the prepaid customers you need to send MS GPRS to 4666.
2. Then you need to send a message to receive the settings, for this send SMS GPRS (first three letters of your mobile phone company and model number). Eg SMS GPRS son K530i. Save the settings you receive.
3. If you don’t receive the settings then use the following settings.
Proxy Address –
Port – 808
User name — Blank
Password — Blank
Data Bearer — GPRS / Packet Data
Access Point Name — internet
Connection Name — Idea GPRS
Authentication – Normal
Homepage –

Here I will like to stress on the fact that proxy settings are area specific and may not work in your area, so keep trying until you find the correct one and let us know which worked for you and if any work for you. As a matter of fact getting free proxies is not easy as the service providers continuously tracks the proxies and if by chance you get one working please let us know about it. So for your help I am enclosing some more proxies.

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