Iphone OS 3.0 – New iPhone Operating System

by gurpreet on June 19, 2009


With the all the advancements that are being made for iphone it seems that the promises made by apple are well kept. When the first iphone was launched they said we will be constantly working on iphone to make it a better experience for the user each time you upgrade. Keeping their promise they first launched the iphone OS2.0 in the year 2008 and now in 2009 they have finally launched iphone OS 3.0 which they have already proposed quite a long time ago.

You can read here to know about the features that were proposed in iphone 3.0 and read on to know what actually they have delivered. If you have upgraded to OS 3.0 and now you are looking for a method to jailbreak it, then read here (link coming soon) for doing the same. Upgrading to the new OS is easy but if by any change you don’t like the new OS you can always revert back to the previous version 2.x.x, read here. But I really don’t see any probability that you will ever think of reverting to the previous version.

Lets contrast the basic difference between the OS2.0 and OS 3.0. while OS 2.0 aimed at including more features to iphone, adding new stuff and improvements over the existing ones but the OS 3.0 completely aims at carving out the existing applications to make them more better. Here is a list of updates that are included in this version of iphone OS 3.0

• Cut, Copy & Paste

• Landscape Keyboard


• Spotlight Search

• Voice Memos

• Improved Calendar

• Buy Movies, TV Shows, and Audiobooks

• Enhanced Stocks App

• Safari Improvements

• Internet Tethering

• Stereo Bluetooth

• Automatic Wi-Fi Login

• Sync Notes

• Parental Controls

• iTunes Store Account

• YouTube Login

• Shake to Shuffle

• New Languages

• MobileMe Find My iPhone and Remote Wipe

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