iSearch for Symbian 5th Generation Phones

by puneet on November 8, 2009


I search is a handy tool which can really speed up your searches on your Symbian S60 5th Edition mobile phone. Best part first…It’s FREE.



The widget based tool is inspired by Russell Beattie’s Q Search widget. A very light weight app, iSearch has a li’l over 30 lines of code. And the beauty lies in the simplicity in operating it.

What it actually does is, it gives you 8 quick launch shortcuts to the most popular search engines. The services offered range from web text to videos & images. It gives you the ability to quickly search for:

  • web sites  through Google, bing
  • images  through Google, flickr
  • video  through youtube
  • tweets  through twitter
  • facts  through Wikipedia
  • dictionary  through definr

28.07.2009 28.07.2009

Further, you can also make any one most usable Search option of the 8 available ones to make it the default search engine. You can set a default search engine by clicking the “return” symbol in front of each option. The one marked green is the default option.

The application is designed for N97, 5530, 5800 and Samsung I8910 HD & works wonderfully in these phones. May also work in some other mobiles.

As it’s still in the early stages, it is expected to get a lot of updates in future. The Publisher even offers to add more services according to the user wishes.

You can download your copy over here


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