Kill Tasks On Android Based Phones With Advanced Task Killer Application

by gaurav on September 23, 2009

Advanced task killer is a utility application for android mobiles that helps to terminate(kill) unnecessary application running on your mobile quickly just like task -manager in a desktop.It is latest version for task killer with more user frienly UI andA?A? new feature called Wanted list.

The application shows all the application including application running in the background like notepad etc on the screen .With a single tap over the application you can mark/unmark the application and with the kill selected app button you can terminate them all with a single click.In the main screen there are options for’ kill all’ and back to home screen that comes in handy when the phone is running sluggishly or u have opened task killer at random.


The adv task killer if you want just treat also a single application thenA?A? long press the application to open a pop-up menu.The pop-up menu has kill,select/unselect,switch to,add to ignore list and add to wanted list options.Switch to pushes the application up in the list and kill terminates it.Adding an application in the Ignore list prevents it from terminating in case you press the kill all button.

Wanted list contains the application that will be auto-terminated when ever the memory usage of the phone reaches above a pre-determined level.This makes those applications vunrable to auto-close.So application should be wisely put in the wanted list to prevent any unnecessary loss of data.It is very useful feature as it automatically prevents the phone from being slow or hanging-up.

Advanced-Task-Killer-pop up

The advanced task killer application is easily configurable.It is a small size application which youA?A? just have to copy paste in your android phone memoryas it does not require an installation.It hasA?A? settings menu that enables u to configure it as per your needs easily.You can easily alter ingore list and opt for features likeA?A? auto start and notification bar form :-Menu>Settings and save the changes.


Overall its a very effective and fast application for killing services and applications,very user friendly with the presence of shortkut keys and above itrequires low processor usage.For a user running several installed applications and services it’s a must have application.It can be downloaded from the link:-

Download Advanced task killer for android mobile

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