Know Your Geo Location Via Google Mobile Search

by prateek on May 14, 2010

If you have reached a place, about which you donA?a??a??t know any thing, or stuck in traffic and find out your exact location you generally use GPS. But what if your mobile handset doesnA?a??a??t A?A?GPS. DonA?a??a??t worry in this case, what you can simply do is type A?a??A?Where am IA?a??A? on and you will get your location.

Now Google has improved its search results quality and gives the best result search which suits your requirement. If you want to find out your location, while on the go, on your mobile handset then simply type A?a??A?where am IA?a??A? on and it will come up with results that will show you your location. The main drawback is that this works only on the mobile phones A?A?in US. But donA?a??a??t get disappoint, google will make this feature available to other parts of the world soon.

The facility of A?a??A?where am IA?a??A? is available on your phone in US from today onwards. This will give much cheer to those who donA?a??a??t have GPS facility on there mobile phones. Although GPS is a much better application to find your exact location and route to from one point to another, this A?a??A?where am IA?a??A? on will also give the almost exact location of yours.

Note that some results may not give you the actual location but this may be because, it is the alpha release of A?a??A?where am IA?a??A?. But accuracy may get better with more usage of the same. Hence the first answer you get on the search result may vary from the actuall results.

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