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by prateek on August 10, 2009

Nokia Ovi Suite 2.0 is all set to replace previous Nokia Pc Suite, which help you to Sync and Backup your Nokia mobile phones. Nokia had also launched a special suite for its Nseries mobile phones, which is called as Nseries PC Suite. But the new Nokia Ovi Suite 2.0 is likely to replace all the previous versions of suite and software applictions for Nokia mobile phones.

By this new NokiaA?a??a??s Ovi suite 2.0 you can Sync and backup your contacts and calendar. This also allows you to share your photos, videos and files. This new application has been an updated version of previous NokiaA?a??a??s Ovi Store. It comes with new features and more easy to use tools.

NokiaA?a??a??s Ovi Suite 2.0 offers a new and user-friendlier approach. This is a faster version in comparison to the previous available applications and occupies a less amount of memory on your phone. It comes with new user interface, which makes it easier for you to access important files and information.


You can access Nokia suite from your Nokia mobile. This is designed for Nokia mobile phones only. After installation, Nokia Ovi Suite 2.0 automatically replaces the earlier versions of the Ovi suite on the phone. This application supports only Nokia S60 and S40 devices. The list is expected to be extended soon. However, it should also work on all Nokia devices based on S60 3RD Edition, S60 5TH Edition, or S40 6.1 or newer.

Some of the features of this suite are:

  • It allows you to move messages, contact, photos, videos, music and more between your computer and your Nokia device.
  • This helps in keeping your Nokia phone and computer in Sync, update your nokia phone with the latest software. It also keeps your important content safe and accessible everywhere.
  • You can sign in with Nokia account and discover a range of great Ovi servies like sharing of photos, videos and files with your friends and family. This also allows you to download the maps you need.


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