Quick Configure Settings On Windows Mobile Phones With PPC Configurator

by puneet on November 4, 2009


A freeware from XDA Developers, PPC Configurator is an app that configures & lets you chose the SIP Inputs for your windows Mobile Phone.This App is for those who want their phone to be running smooth & fast. It hides bulk of the input options from your phone, which speeds up your phone.

ppc 13

It has often been found that most HTCs have a lot of SIP inputs. As such, you need to select the reqd input repetitively. This can be annoying.

What PPC Configurator does is, let you chose the SIP inputs that you don’t use too often and make them disappear from the list of inputs to be selected. Along with this, it lets you chose several other settings for your PPC like switching between classic & threaded SMS Display, enabling Lunar Calendar, etc.

There are several versions available the latest being v1.3 which includes the following Options in the Main Menu

  1. Sip Configurator
  2. SMS Configurator
  3. SIM Contact Configurator
  4. Calendar Configurator
  5. Lock Configurator
  6. Bluetooth Configurator

You can use the above options to:

  1. Hide/ Show SIPs
  2. Rename your SIPs
  3. Set Default SIPs
  4. Configure SMS Threading
  5. Show/Hide SIM Contacts
  6. Show/Hide Lunar Calendar
  7. Set Auto Lock
  8. Easy Reset(through an added Reset Button)
  9. HTC Gesture
  10. HTC Album Minimize
  11. Set SMS Settings like wake-up on New SMS
  12. Enable/Disable SMS Delivery Notification
  13. Change the Bluetooth Device Name

Also, you can soft reset your mobile phone after configuring it.

The Software has been dseigned specifically for HTC Touch HD Windows Mobile phones. But it is well supported in many other windows mobiles.

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