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by gurpreet on November 10, 2008


Yahoo has launched its new and latest mobile search engine and named it as Yahoo! oneSearch. Yahoo! oneSearch is designed especially for mobile users keeping in mind the various constraints that mobile search usually encounters such as limited space, limited bandwidth and the smaller screen size. Yahoo! oneSearch has optimized the search pattern to show the most relevant and refined search with minimum clicks so that you can save on the bandwidth and very precious time.

Key features of Yahoo! oneSearch include:
1. Yahoo! oneSearch ensures that you get the most relevant search topics on a single page and this is done by showing the search in relevant categories so that you can get all the information at a glance.
2. Because of the intelligent search engine of Yahoo! oneSearch it remembers your location and gives the result according to your location. Each time you search through Yahoo! oneSearch it remembers your intent and search pattern and display the result according to your need.
3. You can also send your question as a text message to Yahoo! oneSearch and it will send a response as a text message back to your phone or the links to your search will be sent to you.

Yahoo! oneSearch is quite fast and easy to use but if you have the earlier version of yahoo installed then you will have to manually upgrade to the Yahoo! oneSearch 2.0 version. The other thing the yahoo people need to take care is that people do not want to see the search results from the yahoo based website only but the entire relevant search from all the websites. They should stress on providing the best possible search results rather than thinking first about their interest.
Download Yahoo One Search
Supported phones: Yahoo! oneSearch works well with all the java and gprs enabled phones.

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