Speed Reader – A Google Reader Client For Windows Mobiles

by gaurav on September 20, 2009

A new version V 0.83 has been released over the prior version v0.82 .It is google reader client application for window based mobile   having windows based professional  5/6.0/6.1/6.5 and .net framework v.3.5.

Speed reader is an application for windows mobile which user the RSVP (Rapid serial visual presentation)technology  to increase  the speed at which you can read text on your mobile .Words are presented once at a time at same location in serial with different time pause in between two words as per punctuations.Speed reader pre-processe the text and serializes text,preventing brain from doing so and hence increases the reading speed

New V0.83 of speed reader allows user to interact with their google reader accounts like viewing of articles ,sharing arranging articles,categorizing them with different tags etc. with more efficiently and easily on a mobile.It  has auto login feature, and auto-refresh(depend on network speed) .It also shows reading list at start up after log-in and option to download read articles automatically.


In v0.83 several bugs have been removed present in the v0.80 like

  1. Now it runs fine you  open articles in external browser (besides IE/Opera) which earlier lead to program crash
  2. The Twitter panel shows  now shows correct character count if you edit the Tweet
  3. now nearly all characters are displayed  correctly (ie. ;quot& is now “)


It still has some limitations to be corrected.It works fine only when you install it on your phone memory not on Sd card.The deallocation of memory used to view an aricle is done only when you close the application.this consumes a lot of memory if article is large and has pictures.last is that any changes made to subscriptions, tags, etc. in the desktop client will not be reflected in Speeed Reader unless you restart the application.

These features are under bug for the future version.the future verson is also expected to have features like offline mode and manipulating subscriptions just like google client for desktops.

V0.83 is definitely the application to be used on  your mobile if you want have increase your reading speed and manage your articles.It can be downloaded from the link:-Download speed reader v0.83

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