Taco Bell – iPhone App To Calculate Meal Budget

by gurpreet on July 25, 2009


Hearing the name for the first time makes you feel that there is something strange about it. However it’s not the case, the name Taco Bell Why Pay More! Cheap New York Jets Jerseys goes quite well with the application because of two reasons. Before I discuss the reasons let me introduce you a bit to this useless yet useful application. Taco Bell Why Pay More is an iphone application that lets you calculate the perfect meal that adjusts your budget.

Install it in your phone and enter in your budget and it will show you the best possible meal you can have in that amount exclusive of taxes. Calculating the tax on food you will buy is not a tough job but if the developer has took the trouble to make the application then why not make it complete, why should you have to use calculator to calculate the sales tax over your bill. Moreover you may not even need to use calculator to calculate the tax, after all you are running low on budget but that does not mean you are dumb.

I don’t see much use of this application unless you are planning to eat at Taco Bell. It’s actually an effort by Taco Bell to promote their offer of paying less for what you buy. You will really find it useful as this can save time you will spending on deciding what to buy in that budget because you already know the best meal option in that budget offered by Taco Bell.

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