Twitterberry – Free Twitter Client For Blackberry [ Tested ]

by gaurav on September 25, 2009

Orangatame launched newA?A? twitterberry beta 6 for blackberry mobile having OS 4.1.0 and above.The new tweetberry beta 6 allows balckberry user to post tweeks and also read friend’s time line.It also has an added feature of reply pop up which makes possible to post a reply without leaving the list screen.

The application supports is for all the blackberry models wheather its storm,bolt,tour,curve,pearl or 8700 series etc.The basic requirement is OS4.1.o and a data connection service like TCP,Enterprice server or BIS.The installation is very simple and takes little time.Just enter the login details and the application fethes all the updates from your twitter account.It gives the same experience as the twitter on desktop.

It has an interesting new feature that prevents you from typing your friends usernames .Now just press menu key on your frinds and choose reply or direct message and the the application navigates to home screen along with your friend’s username.



The user interface is same as the website.Your friend’s photo along with a single line text and its send time also come up on the screen which makes the usage more simpler.With just a single click u can send in the updates to all your friends.The default opening screen can be linked to show’ what your friend are doing’ page which was really needed.Twitterberry is easily customizable and has more precise and simplified configure choose for the type of data connection,fetch interval and set home screen page.


A new feature named ‘Twitpic’ has also been introduced.Twitpic enables you to send photos from your mobile to be sent to your friends.For sending a photo just click ‘Send to blackberry ‘ on the send menu for respective photo and the photo will be added as attachment in the home screen. For using twitpick you should have OS 4.2 or higher.


The new application free from nearly all the bugs like improper font size configurations and notification icons that were visible even after viewing the message present in previous versions .The null pointer exception errors have also been resolved.

The application also has added support for updates.Help menu has also been intigrated for new users .Media uploading has been improved and embedded camera now requires OS 4.2 for funtioning.For twitter loverss its a must have application for your blackberry .It can be downloaded from the following download link

Download Twitterberry beta 6

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