[ Working ] Procedure To Activate MMS On iPhone 3G, 3GS.

by prateek on September 28, 2009

Now MMS is available on iPhone. Every iPhone user desperately waited for it but now the wait is over and an iPhone user now can receive or send MMS to other mobiles..You will have to apply a trick to enable MMS on your iPhone. Below we explain how you can enable MMS on your iPhone.

  1. First of all the requirements for this are that you have an iPhone and AT& T service installed on it.
  2. Then hook up your iPhone to a computer which is currently running iTunes. After this check for updates.2
  3. Now a message will be shown at your screen displaying that an update is available for the carrier settings.apple-iphone-enable-mms-3
  4. Download that settings and updated your iPhone.apple-iphone-enable-mms-4
  5. Restart your iPhone.
  6. After restarting your iPhone go to the messages and then to send a text message you will see a screen similar to below.iphone-mms-sms-text-message6
  7. You will find a tiny camera icon at the top left corner of the text message input window. Now click on the button you will see something like:7
  8. Now you can add an existing picture or video to the text message by the options given below in the above option.8
  9. Now when you go back to the text messages, you will find a thumbnail of the video or picture added on to the screen9

Now if you want to send full contact information then follow the steps given below:

  1. Go to the contacts of your iPhone and then to a contact of your choice.
  2. Click the share button given on the screen.1a
  3. Now choose the MMS option2a
  4. The final step is to add the recipient.4a

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